Prevention Exams

Prevention exams are important to keep every member of your family in optimal health. As a board-certified family physician, Karl Trippe, MD, provides comprehensive preventive and wellness care at his private practice, Waco Primary Care in Texas. If you need to become established with a primary care physician or haven’t had a physical in a while, Call to schedule by phone 254-399-6545

Prevention Exams Q & A

Why are prevention exams important?

Prevention and wellness exams are geared toward improving your health and helping you learn to make better lifestyle choices every day. Having regular exams is important to:

  • Check for warning signs of chronic conditions
  • Stay updated with vaccines, including flu shots
  • Receive personalized lifestyle counseling
  • Track diseases that run in families
  • Enhance your mental wellbeing
  • Manage your weight

Even if you’re active and generally healthy, prevention exams are still important. There may be underlying issues that can surface over time, and regular wellness screenings can help pinpoint these health problems early on. 

What can I expect during a prevention exam?

When you come in to Waco Primary Care for your prevention exam, Dr. Trippe gets to know you; he enjoys engaging with his patients and their families. Dr. Trippe doesn’t simply treat a health issue and send you on your way, instead, he evaluates you as a whole person and gets to the root of any problems you may be experiencing.

Depending on your age and health status, Dr. Trippe may recommend any of the following tests and screenings:

  • Expanded laboratory testing, including a blood draw and urinalysis
  • Blood pressure, pulse, and respiration rate checks
  • Medication and dietary supplement management 
  • Reflex and neurological screenings 
  • Body mass index (BMI) calculations 
  • Dietary evaluation and counseling 
  • Blood glucose check

Dr. Trippe also offers the in-demand TM-FLOW® System test, which checks your vascular function and assesses your risk of peripheral artery disease. This screening lets Dr. Trippe see if you have any concerning heart or circulatory issues that need medical treatment or immediate lifestyle changes to improve the condition.

How often do I need a prevention exam?

Usually, Dr. Trippe recommends wellness exams for all patients — children, adults, and seniors — once every year. However, there are times when Dr. Trippe recommends more frequent visits.

For instance, if you have diabetes or are at risk of developing heart disease, Dr. Trippe might want you to check in to Waco Primary Care two or three times each year for prevention screenings. 

If you’re due for a prevention exam, contact Waco Primary Care for an examination today.