Annual Physicals

When it comes to your health, the importance of conducting annual physicals cannot be stressed enough.

Importance of Annual Physicals

When it comes to your health, the importance of conducting annual physicals cannot be stressed enough. Particularly for seniors, physicals can prove instrumental in diagnosing serious conditions early. Moreover, these regular visits offer doctors an opportunity to collect information about your health status and better support you on the path forward. Dr. Trippe’s practice in particular, takes special care when examining patients for physical and neurological signs of decline. By running a comprehensive set of tests, Dr. Trippe and our team here at WPC Aesthetics & Wellness is able to catch diseases such as hepatitis, diabetes, and heart disease early enough to offer effective treatment options.


What Can Annual Physicals Reveal?

Though routine, annual physicals can be especially effective in revealing bodily changes that can otherwise go overlooked. A standard pulmonary function test, for example, is as simple as having the patient blow into a tube. Though innocuous, this test can help catch symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) early enough to prevent the condition from getting worse. Tests like this and others can greatly improve quality of life, especially for seniors. Therefore, we recommend that geriatric (elderly) patients come in for exams frequently.

Benefits of Annual Physicals

A routine physical exam can get at the root cause of persistent symptoms and effectively help diagnose illness. In addition, it can provide an accurate report of a person’s ability to drive and perform other tasks. This is especially important for seniors, as their advanced age makes them prone to accidents and puts them at a higher risk of developing chronic illnesses. Because they are a big part of ongoing medical support, annual physicals should not be skipped or overlooked. Dr. Trippe is happy to provide his patients with comprehensive physicals whenever they come in for a visit. His compassionate attitude and attention to detail will help you get to the bottom of your issues and overcome them.

Annual Physicals in Waco, Texas

An annual physical exam with Dr. Karl M. Trippe can provide you with the security and peace of mind you need. We invite you to visit us at WPC Aesthetics & Wellness to discover all we can do for you and your health. To request an appointment you can call (254) 399-6545, email us directly at, or fill out the form below. We look forward to your visit!

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