Depression is usually thought of as a psychological condition brought on by chemical irregularities in the body.

What Is Depression?

Depression is usually thought of as a psychological condition brought on by chemical irregularities in the body. Though complex in scope and nature, depression has some characteristic symptoms that are consistent across the board. Typical symptoms include agitation, irritability, apathy, anxiety, and fatigue among others. At WPC Aesthetics & Wellness, we support and encourage healthy lifestyle choices in our patients and are happy to meet with those struggling from this debilitating condition. At our Waco center, we offer help in the form of Medicare Wellness Visits and hormone replacement therapy to help our patients establish a happier mindset.

What Causes Depression?

Depression is an extremely complex and multi-factored disease. This disease does not have any one cause and often appears when a number of factors come together. Common causes of this condition include abuse, dependence on certain medications, conflict, and genetics among others. The exact cause of this issue is difficult to pinpoint and thus requires diagnosis by a medical professional. Prior to committing to a treatment plan, we encourage you to consult with a doctor in order to determine whether you are indeed suffering from depression.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Depression

One of our frequent recommendations for combating depression is engaging in regular exercise. Proper exercise can go a long way in boosting mood and relieving symptoms of this disorder. This relief is due to the endorphin released through exercise and an improved self-image. If you find yourself feeling fatigued faster, not seeing results, or if you find yourself in a low mood after exercise, then hormone replacement might be right for you. At WPC Aesthetics and Wellness, our hormone replacement treatments can go a long way in correcting the flow of endorphins in your body. These aren’t medications and don’t add outside chemicals into your system. Instead, they are designed to restore your body’s natural balance and help you improve your mood.

Results of Depression Treatment

Our focus is on facilitating your specific wellness needs. We don’t do cookie-cutter treatments, instead, we take the time to understand your needs and determine the best treatment course. Each visit to our Waco center starts with a comprehensive look into your family history, habits, and concerns. After getting a complete picture of your health status, we will work with you to develop an individualized plan of action.


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Depression Treatments in Waco, Texas

Freedom from depression is possible with proper health care. Our doctors are here to listen to your body and create the perfect treatment plan for you. If you’re struggling with depression and are in need of help, we invite you to make an appointment by calling (254) 399-6545, emailing us directly at, or filling out the form below.

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